Friday, May 16, 2008

June 14th- Flag Day. Where will you be?

Flag Day is a significant day to many Americans. Unfortunately, some people are oblivious to what it means, when it is and what its for. I urge you to share the message with your friends, families and neighbors.

My education on the Flag began back in grade school. Our class would say the Pledge of Allegiance each morning with our hands over our hearts. In history class we learned about the addition of stars on our Flag over time.

When I went to work for The American Legion in Washington DC in 1998, my education on our Flag was enhanced even further. I learned that the Flag should be illuminated if you fly it at night or else it should be brought indoors. I learned that the Flag should not touch the ground. I also learned that it should be retired in an appropriate way, never thrown away.

Buying a flag pole and flying a Flag was an exciting part of owning my own home. I took great pride in my expression of honor for my country, our service men and women and the history of our Flag.

I take even greater honor as I prepare for Flag Day 2008 and the awesome ceremony that will occur at South Park (Pittsburgh, PA) as we retire dozens of our country's Flags that have flown all over the world in one of the only public ceremonies available. I have sat on the Committee preparing for this event for several months now. The other Committee members have been involved for years in building this event to what it has become. People from all walks of life will join together to honor the Flag. Media and politicians will take their place to be a part of the gathering too. We have singers and dignitaries coming in from all over the country.

I invite you to join us as we respectfully retire some of our nation's Flags. The event is June 14th, a Saturday, at South Park (Pittsburgh PA) at 6 PM.

Consider what the Flag means to you. When and how did you learn about it? Quiz others (in a friendly manner) and see what they think of Flag Day. Use this as an educational opportunity and a way to connect with others.

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