Friday, May 27, 2016

Found our 299th Radio Hero on Memorial Day Weekend!

What timing! Some shortwave listening friends reached out to me today to ensure I read this article:

I had not, until they wrote to me. And, when I did my eyes lit up and I was once again in awe. In awe of the story that I've become so familiar with, yet delighted beyond compare to see another person write about it and celebrate with us. Be sure to read the article friends.

And, so it is, Meredith "Bub" Brill is our 299th World War II Radio Hero identified that took place in POW message relay. He was a child who bought his radio with a few dollars down and monthly payments. He wrote to all parts of the country to let families know that their loved one, who was serving in the war, was alive and being held as a prisoner. He lived in Caroline New York.

An excellent article. A familiar and great story. Please share it.