Thursday, January 22, 2009

Mr. President, I am Disappointed.

From Left: Rebecca Neuburger; Michelle Lanier; Joy Ilem; and Lisa Spahr. The Salute to Heroes Ball, January 20, 2009, Washington DC.

I was honored to attend the Salute to Heroes Inaugural Ball in Washington DC. The Salute to Heroes Ball honors those who have received the Congressional Medal of Honor- the highest military honor you can receive. We had 48 of the living 99 Medal of Honor recipients present. It was an awesome feeling to be in the same room with them.

I attended this ball four years ago for George W. Bush's Inaugural also.

The President and Vice President (and their respective spouses) have attended the Salute to Heroes Ball since the 1950's. They usually stop by for 10-20 minutes and share their respect for this honorable group.

Not this time. President Obama and First Lady Michelle did not arrive at the Salute to Heroes Ball. We did receive a visit from Vice President Joe Biden and his wife, Jill.

I was terribly disappointed at President Obama for missing this opportunity to show his appreciation for our heroes. I believe he had a responsibility to be there, particularly at a time when our country is at war.

If you'd like to learn more about our Medal of Honor Recipients visit:

Let's show them our appreciation. And, I will hope that the President does the same.