Saturday, October 20, 2012

Japanese Friendship Program

I was interested to read this, when passed on to me by Lon Aylsworth:
It is about a Friendship Program whereby the Japanese government invites POWs and their families for a visit.
I'd welcome your comments and dialogue about this.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Many Thanks to Jim Pitchford and MCARC

Lisa Spahr of Saint Louis MO traveled up to the Macoupin County Ham-fest in Carlinville Illinois on August 4th  2012 and gave a program about Ham Radio and Shortwave Radio and how it was used during WWII to get critical information out of Germany and other occupied countries under the control of the German forces.  When German or foreign broadcast radio stations release propaganda about which American servicemen were being held in prison camps there were people around the world hearing that information and getting word back to families in the United States to tell them where their loved ones were being held.


Lisa’s book documents the hundreds of stories passed down via word of mouth and historical records and puts family letters and telegrams on display for all of us to enjoy.  Her family was helped by this unpaid group of freedom fighters and she shares their stories.   Our club members all said they enjoyed the presentation and many purchased her books to take home and read the rest of the story. If you ever get a chance to hear Lisa’s story take the time to listen.


Jim Pitchford, Past President of the Illinois Emergency Services Management Association

Secretary of the Macoupin County Amateur Radio Club, N9LQF