Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Celebrating Pauline Holtzclaw of Charlotte NC - another World War II Radio Hero identified!

Hello friends. The story repeats itself yet again. I find myself the recipient of another wonderful communication that goes like this:
"A few years ago I stumbled across an old 5X7 3-ring binder that belonged to my mother.  In it are neatly and almost perfectly typed words of hymns, songs, poems, quips and little sayings.  Strategically placed in the middle of them is a poem entitled “A Soldier Speaks” from the Office of War Information.  The 15 pages that follow that poem are typed and handwritten addresses, service numbers and short memos from a POW to a family member here in the US or Canada that my mother notated.  Up to now, I have made an assumption that because she was a Red Cross volunteer during WWII, in Charlotte, NC, that she may have jotted these messages to relay them to families stateside.   Unfortunately, my mom passed in 2003, so this all comes as a bit of a mystery to me.  Then I come across your video and hear how many people, all over the country would write the names, addresses and notes from POW’s that they heard on the radio and would relay those messages to those families.  I’m wondering now, if that was what my mom was doing, instead of it coming through her volunteering with the Red Cross..."
That was the beginning of my communication with Rick Bartlett of Georgia. He shared with me the beautiful contents of that ring binder he found after her passing. Like myself, Rick couldn't put the materials down. He read and reread each note and then began searching for the POWs that his mother wrote about. He has become far more of a researcher than I, in fact. His work is impressive. I'm including a few documents that he was kind enough to share, and grant permission to share.

Rick and I are friends on my World War II Radio Heroes Facebook Page. Please friend him and thank him for his efforts and preservation of this piece of the story. We continue to seek Congressional Recognition for those like Pauline, who supported our POWs and their families with these precious notes. Please continue to reach out to your legislatures and ask for their help. I have materials you can use to that end- simply email me.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Sanford Lowe to Southerton Family

Hello friends.

I was recently contacted by Michael Southerton of the Philadelphia area. He shared this penny postcard he found from our own dear Sanford Lowe to Michael's great-grandmother alerting her of his father's capture. Thank you Michael for sharing this- and for being as excited about this as we are. Sanford was in deed a very special person to us for his 10,000+ letters to POW families like ours.

December 12th, 1944.
Dear Mrs. Southerton,
Tonight at 8.13 P.M.,  E.W.T. Berlin short wave radio announced the following:
"Bernard G. Southerton, A.S.N. 33355234, born in Honesdale, PA.. was captured while fighting on the Western European Front on a recent date and he is now in a prison camp in Germany, safe and well."
No address was given but I hope this card reaches you and the above information will be a source of help and encouragement to you. 
Very truly yours,
Sanford Lowe
This is the 13,070th notice forwarded by me from Tokyo and Berlin.