Friday, November 16, 2012

We've Added 16 Names!

Thanks to T/Sgt. Robert Heer we have now added 16 names to our master list of men and women who took part in POW Message Relay. T/Sgt Heer was a POW who came home to find the letters written to his family about his capture. He received 18 letters and postcards. Two were from names already on our list: Irwin Bender (Oberlin PA) and Sanford Lowe (NY NY- whom you'll recall sent more than 10,379 letters to POW families).

The new names have been added to my master list. I'm happy to send anyone a copy of it. Email me with your request and please spread the word. We want to see these folks Conressionally Recognized!

The names and states are below. (Full addresses are on the master list.)

Mrs. G.E. Atherton, MA
Nellie Barrow, NY
Mrs. Chloe J. Benge, OR
Muriel Fishburn, NM
Earl Fitzerald (sic), WA
G.P. Glanton, WA
Mrs. D.V. Greenlee, CA
C.J. Hansen, WA
Rev. W.T. Holt, NV
Mrs. L. Keary, CA
Frances Kelsey, CT
Ellen Lacy, MO
Dr. William McKie, CA
Raymond P. Read, MN
Miss Josephine Smola, MI
J.E. Webster, TX

I'm also going to send a book and request for Congressional Recognition to Senator John McCain today. If you are comfortable doing so, send one to him also with your own request to publically thank these heroes for serving those who served us. As a former POW I'm sure he'll fully appreciate their good deeds.