Sunday, February 21, 2016

We're Going for it! Presidential Medal of Freedom! We need you.


Hello. I know it's been a while. Between working full-time, mothering the best I can and spending as much time in the sunshine as possible (it was 75 in St. Louis yesterday!), I've not been a solid author pitching her story, as I should be. Forgive me.

But alas I'm back and with big news and a big ASK.

The big news: You've heard me say for several years we want Congressional Recognition for the 295 men and women already identified as taking part in POW Message Relay. We've tried a few representatives here and there, with little luck. I've decided to go to the top. It's a big year with much at stake and rhetoric beyond our wildest imaginations- but that shouldn't stop us, in fact, it should push us toward wanting to recognize our best and not our worst.

Tomorrow I will mail a package to the Executive Office and ask President Obama to award either the Presidential Medal of Freedom or the Presidential Citizens Medal to each of the 295 people we've identified thus far. Yes, read that again. You don't get anything without asking and these people deserve for US to ask on their behalf. This story needs to be told.

Now, here's where you come in. You've likely heard me speak, once or more about this awesome story of home front heroes. You liked what you heard and have likely told a person or two, sharing the good news. I need you to do that again. If the White House is going to take US seriously, they'll want to see that people care about this. How will they know? How many likes we have on our Facebook page (World War II Radio Heroes: Letters of Compassion) and on our blog (here). Will you please ask everyone you know to like these pages by 2/29? And, will you please share this message on every FB page you are a part of- especially those related to ham, amateur or short-wave radio. Those men and women are who we are trying to recognize and trust me- they are powerful beyond words when it comes to getting the message out!

Fingers crossed, we'll be in Washington this year to accept the award on behalf of the 295 men and women we celebrate in World War II Radio Heroes: Letters of Compassion. And, I hope you'll be right there beside me.

My most sincere thank you,
Lisa (below a pic of my most-amazing grandfather and I, in the early 80's)