Sunday, March 4, 2012

Frederick W.C. Dannemann- A Radio Hero

Every few months I receive a letter or email that really moves me. This weekend I received one just like that. Thomas Dannemann wrote:

Dear Ms. Spahr:
I was happy to come across you website that recognizes the contribution of HAM radio operators during WWII. It is a story that my family knows well. My father’s father, Frederick W.C. Dannemann, was one of those HAM operators and is listed in your blog. There is also a unique aspect in that my mother’s brother was a P.O.W. The family received numerous letters and postcards form HAM operators letting them know that he was safe. According to family stories one of the postcards was from F.W.C. Dannemann, my mother’s future father-in-law.
Thank you for telling this great American story.
Tom Dannemann
Thank you Mr. Dannemann for reaching out to me and sharing your unique connection to this story. I am so honored to make connection with yet another of the radio heroes (via their relative) that I feature in the book. It has been an honor to salute your grandfather.

Printed with Mr. Dannemann's permission.