Wednesday, February 6, 2008

York PA was Outstanding!

On Saturday February 2nd, WWII Radio Heroes was premiered in York PA at Borders, across from the Galleria.

I have to thank the Borders crew who took such great care of us all. The posters and press for the event were the best I had seen thus far.

In true fashion, my family put the alert out to our small town of Wellsville, their coworkers, and spread the word throughout York PA! Thanks to all! We saw some great people at the booksigning and sold a near record high number of books!

People seemed to really like the era-candy that I had on hand, modeled from the candy of the 1940's. We had the KDKA feature on the laptop and original letters for people to view. Also, we had POW Bulletins put out by the Red Cross for people to review.

As with all of the stops that WWII Radio Heroes has made, everyone has a WWII story to share. I am so fortunate to get to hear so many of them. Who knows... that may be the next book.

Thank you York PA visitors for your warm hospitality for this hometown girl. I hope to welcome you to Pittsburgh one day soon!

-Lisa Spahr, Author

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