Friday, January 25, 2008

WWII Radio Heroes is Launched! Welcome!

One of the most incredible stories of a time before mine has been released. In December, I, along with a tremendous team of talented people, released WWII Radio Heroes: Letters of Compassion, a non-fictional account of humanitarian greatness during WWII.

WWII Radio Heroes: Letters of Compassion (2008) is a story about ham radio operators and others alerting families of POWs during a time of war. The book features more than 30 letters and postcards sent to the author’s family in 1943, notifying them of her grandfather’s capture and status as a prisoner of war. Upon discovering these letters I began researching the people who did this, and why, and reached out to find them or their next of kin, more than 60 years after the fact. My journey is detailed in WWII Radio Heroes.

The Foreword is written by John Sommer, Jr, Executive Director of The American Legion. Contributions to the book include: Flavius Jankauskas (K3JA) and Morton Bardfield, both authors of postcards and letters from 1943 to POW families.

Contact: Lisa Spahr (412) 867-9991 or
Publisher: Intrigue
ISBN 978-0-9762181-7-3
List Price $15.95; 76 pages
Copyright 2008

*Original letters are available for loan to museums and libraries. Author is available for speaking engagements.

I wish to thank:
John Sommer, Jr.
Austin Camacho
Denise Camacho
Craig Fischer
Dave Williams
Flavius Jankauskas
Morton Bardfield
All veterans and their supporters
All ham radio operators and the people who support them

The book launch was held January 15, 2008 at The American Legion in Washington DC. The event was a wonderful success. The Radio and Television Museum was on hand to demonstrate how radio operators and listeners would have pulled in this information from enemy radio.

From the launch I wish to thank:
Brian Belanger
John Sommer, Jr.
Rebecca Neuburger
Kristin Kappelman
Michelle Lanier
Oscar Hernandez
Joyce Faulkner
Pat Avery
Sandy Brown
Vince Brown
All veterans and their supporters
All ham radio operators and those that support them

For more information about WWII Radio Heroes please visit I welcome your comments and personal stories about WWII.

The author-Lisa Spahr

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