Sunday, June 18, 2017

We have the 300th hero identified- Aunt Faye!

Friends, I'm thrilled to report that an email to me a few weeks ago, from Peter Jones, has delivered our 300th World War II Radio Hero- Mrs. Faye Howell of Culver City, CA!

Peter emailed me with a wonderful story of his Aunt Faye and his pursuit of putting all of her work and the many thank-you letter received by her, into a book of his own. You can read more about Peter, Aunt Faye and his work on our Facebook page. I've included a snapshot teaser below. If that link fails, go to Facebook and search for World War II Radio Heroes: Letters of Compassion. We're a public group. I simply accept your request to join.

Surely, there were far more than 300 men, women and children dedicating themselves to enemy airwaves to serve fellow man. But, I'm over the moon that we've identified, by name and address, 300 of them. We'd still like to see a bipartisan support for collective recognition of them, so if you know anyone who can further our cause, reach out. I'll give you everything I have and all that I know to make it happen! Thank you for your steadfast support. Now, let's ready ourselves for 301...

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