Saturday, January 17, 2015

Sanford Lowe to Southerton Family

Hello friends.

I was recently contacted by Michael Southerton of the Philadelphia area. He shared this penny postcard he found from our own dear Sanford Lowe to Michael's great-grandmother alerting her of his father's capture. Thank you Michael for sharing this- and for being as excited about this as we are. Sanford was in deed a very special person to us for his 10,000+ letters to POW families like ours.

December 12th, 1944.
Dear Mrs. Southerton,
Tonight at 8.13 P.M.,  E.W.T. Berlin short wave radio announced the following:
"Bernard G. Southerton, A.S.N. 33355234, born in Honesdale, PA.. was captured while fighting on the Western European Front on a recent date and he is now in a prison camp in Germany, safe and well."
No address was given but I hope this card reaches you and the above information will be a source of help and encouragement to you. 
Very truly yours,
Sanford Lowe
This is the 13,070th notice forwarded by me from Tokyo and Berlin.

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