Thursday, February 10, 2011

Let's Get Congressional Recognition for Short-wave Monitors During WWII

While researching POW relay and monitoring for World War II Radio Heroes: Letters of Compassion (2008), I discovered a letter written by Senators (then) Biden and Roth asking the VFW for how many POW message relay monitors there may have been. One of their constituents was asking them to consider congressional recognition for the listeners and writers of the POW messages relayed. That letter dead-ended for all that I can tell. But I believe now is the time to revive the effort.

I have a list of 100+ short wave listeners and hams who wrote to POW families like mine during WWII. I'll publish that list here in the coming days and weeks with the corresponding states they they lived in and wrote from.

I'm asking for help from all of you to reach out to your elected officials and ask them to elevate this issue and ultimately obtain congressional recognition for the role that hams and short-wave listeners played in relaying POW messages back home, letting loved ones know they were alive.

I have drafted a letter that you can use (in whole or part) to send to your officials. Email me for a copy and personalize it as you see fit. Then, please let me know you sent the letter and to whom. I'll keep track on this end as well.

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