Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Lincoln Highway Connection to WWII Radio Heroes

I first met Brian Butko in the summer at the Bridgewater Book Festival. He is the author of a half dozen books, the editor for the Western Pennsylvania History Magazine, and an all around cool guy. He has great interest in history of course, but his areas of interest are more obscure than most historians. He writes about the roadside landmarks you remember as a kid, the places and faces that we love but often take for granted.. until there gone that is.

Brian and I kept in touch over the months and he volunteered himself and his son, Andrew, to read for World War II Radio Heroes: Letters of Compassion (2008). Andrew was our youngest reader and read for our most prominent hero in the book, Flavius Jankauskas (who wrote to my family in 1943 as a 16 year old short-wave listener).

Brian and I most recently came together again at the Heinz History Center's Holiday Book Fair. It was perfect timing for me to give him his copy of our work- the audio book was completed a week prior.

I'm privileged to know Brian Butko. He's a very fascinating man with great stories- and road trips to tell you about.

Check out his site and latest book here: http://www.lincolnhighwaynews.com/ Take a stroll down memory lane.

After hearing Brian talk about the Lincoln Highway, which I drive frequently, I look at it differently. I'm eager for the spring so I can take a road trip of my own!

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